California H2O: Flowing for the Future

  • May 15, 2019
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ACWA and J Comm, Inc. have collaborated to create a 10-part video series to educate Californians about critical water issues. The videos are short, visually engaging and presented in a way that is easy to understand. They feature interviews with member agencies to highlight innovation and successes occurring throughout the state. Industry experts and other professionals are also highlighted to provide balance and credibility.

Links to all ten videos are now available to download below. Once on the video page of your choice, you will have the option to choose from one of several video quality options.

From desalination of ocean water to purification of wastewater, agencies throughout California are utilizing technologies to increase water supply and drought resilience. In the face of climate change, drought and devastating wildfires, headwaters management is key to protecting the state’s water supply reliability and water quality.
Collaborative partnerships and innovation are helping to maintain sustainable groundwater levels and ensure sufficient water supplies for the future. Water agencies have a long history of implementing a wide range of renewable energy projects and promoting energy efficiency.
In today’s state of extreme weather, from historic drought to record-setting rain, it’s more critical than ever to capture and store what we can when we can. Learn about ongoing efforts to increase water storage throughout the state and better measure and map California’s biggest reservoir, the Sierra snowpack. Across the nation, water agencies are tackling the challenge of investing in aging infrastructure to ensure the water-related needs of their communities are continually met. Learn how the water industry is using technology and artificial intelligence to prioritize pipe replacement and keep costs as low as possible for customers.
California farmers have caught the tidal wave of technology, utilizing sophisticated programs to improve irrigation measures and reduce water use. Local water agencies are forging collaborations and using state-of-the-art water treatment technology to ensure every drop of water they supply is safe to drink.
One of California’s most crucial water resources is also its most controversial. We’ve struggled to find solutions in the Delta for decades. Experts explain the key issues – from salinity to earthquake resiliency to climate change – and examine collaborative solutions to restore the Delta’s ecosystem and strengthen its water supply reliability. Following an historic drought, Californians have embraced a more water-efficient way of life. Water agencies have led the charge with education campaigns and conservation rebate programs. Residents and businesses are now utilizing new technology to make small changes that have a significant impact on water savings across the state.


Full-length, shortened, and teaser versions of each video have been uploaded and are available in the California H2O Album on ACWA’s Vimeo Website. To download a video, please click on the title of the video, which will give you multiple options for downloading and sharing with your customers and other audiences.


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