2023 Water Professionals Appreciation Week

  • Sep 7, 2023
  • Member Tools

California’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week will kick off Oct. 7, highlighting the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater and recycled water operations in California.

As part of the designated week, urban and agricultural water agencies are encouraged to plan now to utilize their communication channels to educate media, customers, local elected leaders and other key audiences on the essential role that water professionals play in providing safe and reliable water services.

ACWA is encouraging member agencies to participate in Water Professionals Appreciation Week through the suggested activities below. Several documents and graphics are provided in the ACWA toolkit.

Suggested Local Activities

  1. Ask your Board of Directors and cities and counties in your service area to pass resolutions/proclamations in support of your agency and Water Professionals Appreciation Week. A sample resolution/proclamation is available.
  2. Highlight your employees on social media, bill inserts, newsletters and other communications channels. A sample bill insert that can be customized with your logo is available.
  3. Let your local media know you are participating in Water Professionals Appreciation Week and offer to arrange interviews with employees in various fields that highlight the skill and dedication required to provide reliable water service. Talking points and a sample blog post are available.
  4. Consider organizing a tour of facilities, a presentation about the agency or town hall-style meeting with leadership. These events could be either virtual or in-person, in accordance with local public health guidelines.
  5. Work with local high schools, colleges and universities to promote careers or internships at your district.
  6. Start a mentor program for young professionals in your agency.

Social Media Content

When sharing Water Professionals Appreciation Week content on your agency’s social media platforms please use the following related hashtags: #CAWaterWeek, #EssentialWorkers, #ThankWaterPros and #WeAreCAWater.

Sample social media content has been created and is available in two easily-downloadable zip files: WPAW 2023 zip and video file zip.

  • Share the Water Professionals Appreciation Week sample posts in combination with the WPAW logo or several provided graphics, some of which can be customized with your logo. Please note that the WPAW logo was updated last year. While the changes are subtle, please make sure to use the new version.
  • Customize a Power Point video to enumerate and underscore the vital work your employees carry out. Include your agency’s logo. Instructions for customizing the video are available.
  • Post a short video of your employees on the job to highlight the different careers at your district.